Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The murder of Evan S. Warren...by a Wickliffe

I'm still unsure of our relationship, but I recently posted about an interesting story I found about the other Harrison Wickliffe.  I found the story so inspiring & I couldn't wait to find a reason to repost.

Since then, I've been researching his family to see if I could find any ties to our families.  That's when I came across the story of his son, Beatty/Beattie-accused of murdering a man named Evan S. Warren.

Pittsburg dispatch., July 24, 1889, Image 1

I've found several articles in various papers, including the Indianapolis star that mention the story, but none tell what happened in the end.

Apprarently Beatty & Evan had a "showdown" on a railway platform.  One paper stated it was from an earlier altercation where Beatty threatened to "get him" soon.
Both men were armed & both shot & hit the other. Beatty took off running, but later returned, shot & killed Mr. Warren. 
As the above story indicates, Bob Mayho & Flem Murphy held Evan Warren.  This is where the stories differ.  Warren claimed he was unsure if Mayho & Murphy were helping Beatty or trying to keep the peace.  (I haven't found any record that they were ever charged.)

I have no idea what happened in the end, but I do know that the trial needed a special venue for some reason.
Semi-weekly interior journal., February 25, 1890, Image 3

This story got really interesting when I started to research Evan Warren.  

He was also involved in a slander case.  Sounds boring, but check out the rest of this story......

Semi-weekly interior journal

May 04, 1883, Image 2

This case ended with him apparentely being able to prove he was NOT lawfully married to Luellen Smith.  (See the article on the right of the main one.)

I'm unsure of what happened to Beatty after the trial.  I can't even find any death records for him.  

Does anyone know anything else about Beatty or his family?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Obsessed with finding the oldest Wickliffe

Finding out which one of my relatives lived the longest is my new obsession.  

(If you've missed my recent post, check out either my post on Grandma Lou or my post on Lily B Collins.)

Eureka!  I found another Wickliffe who lived until she was over a 110 years old!

This article was found in the Burlington weekly free press.
December 18, 1885, Page 11, Image 11
How cool would it have been to hand President George Washington a cup of water!
I'm not sure whether or not she & I are related, but I found the fact that she lived so many years interesting in itself.

I found a few articles in various publications about her death, but very few undeniable records for Charlotte.  I think I found her in the 1880 census, living with her husband Ben in Bardstown, (Nelson county) Kentucky.

The other was a record for Evergreen cemetery.  It list her as an occupant & stated that her address was 725 Oak St, Ludlow, KY.  However, I'm not sure if this is her or not.

Does anyone know if we are related to Ben Wickliffe?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Ancestry Insider: FamilySearch Worldwide Indexing (Arbitration) Even...

The Ancestry Insider: FamilySearch Worldwide Indexing (Arbitration) Even...: FamilySearch currently uses a double-blind methodology for indexing. (They’ve indicated that this could change for some projects. See “ Fami...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I found a relative who lived until she was 104! Lily B Collins

Recently, I've been doing some research on my great grandmother Probie's side of the family.

Probie's parents were Alfred Taylor Collins & Cordelia Nichols.  My two times great grand parents raised her in Hartford, Kentucky (Ohio county).

Lily Collins was Alfred's grandmother (his father's mother).  I'm still unsure who his grandfather may have been.

I haven't been able to find very many records for her.  At this point, I've only found her on two census records (living in Hartford).

Here is her obituary that  I found in the Hartford Herald (a local newspaper).

The Hartford herald. (Hartford, Ky.) 1875-1926, November 27, 1901, Image 3

I know that it's tough to read, but the article identifies her as "Aunt" Lillie Collins.
It also stated that she was a respected woman of color, who lived in Hayti.  I've never run across that town name before, but I'm assuming that it's a suburb of some sort of Hartford.

Recently, I posted that my great, great grandmother Lou lived longer than any of my other relatives.  Now I can say that Lily B has that title.

Friday, April 10, 2015

100 post! Over 2900 views! So proud of my blog!

In Febuary of last year, I had this crazy idea that I should start a blog.  I wanted to share all of the cool stories I had found about my family.  

I had no idea what I was getting into.

This blog has turned into my favorite (other) job.  I can't wait to come across something new in my family tree, so I can blog about it.

Here are some of my favorites.....(In no particular order)
  1. My grandpa: This post is one of my favs because it's a cool picture & fun facts.
  2. Siblings from the heart: I like this post because of the awesome baby picture of Aunt Pal & Uncle George.
  3. What happened to Leslie Gatton?: I spent so much time looking at articles about this post.  It was sad & interesting.
  4. Why did she raise her siblings?: This one is on the list mainly because it's one of my biggest research brickwalls.
  5. Alfred & Bessie's boys: I love this post!
  6. All about me:  It's about me.  Enough said.
  7. Henry Wickliffe-insane or sick: I learned a lot writing this post.
  8. 1790 mulatto 2014 biracial:  This post made me more aware of how to search genealogy with African American heritage.
  9. It's my mom: I think this will always be my favorite post of all times.
  10. The murder of Elliot Wickliffe: This is the first post researched over a long period of time.  It took awhile to put the story all together.  I hope I came close to what really happened.
I could go on & on about my favorites, but I would love to know which post you liked.

Leave a comment & keep reading about our family.

The second time was the charm: Aunt Pal & Uncle Eddie's anniversary article

I found another great article in the Indianapolis Recorder.

The picture isn't great, but the article was priceless.

My Uncle Eddie & Aunt Pal were a great couple.

I knew that they had been married for years, but until I read this article, I had no idea how many years.  (I know that it's tough to see, but this article is from April 1987.)  If they were still alive today, April 1st would have been their 68th wedding anniversary.

Both had children & were married previously, but I never knew anyone other than my aunt & uncle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gone, but not forgotten: Happy birthday great, great grandmother Lou

Image result for happy birthday144 years ago today, my great-great mother Lou was born.  

She lived for over 100 years & at this point in my genealogy research, she lived longer than any other Wickliffe.

Although she is my mother's great grandmother, she refers to her as Grandma Lou.

Lou was born Louisa Williams.  
I'm not exactly sure when, but she was eventually adopted by the Dodd family.  
Henry & Mollie Dodd lived in Paducah, Kentucky, but would eventually move to & die in Louisville, Kentucky.  They would have 3 other biological children (or at least 3 other children lived in the home & shared their last name.

I've posted about finding her marriage record in a post called "my great, great grandmother Lou."  (It's a find I'm still extremely proud of.)  
My mom has told me about their farm in Central City.  It was on this farm, that she raised her 9 children & lived a long life.  In 1940, the farm was worth $200.  Today, the farm would be worth around $3300.

I don't know a lot of information about her childhood, other than she was adopted.  I can't find any info on her prior to 1880.  (Which makes sense if she really was born in 1871.)
I'm not sure if it was a happy marriage, but she was married to my two times great grandfather James 49 years & they did have all of those kids so......

I've had fun learning about her & look forward to finding out if I can find her biological parents or why she was given up for adoption.  
I also want to find out why she lived with James Walker Wickliffe in 1940.  (Saw him in the census, but never saw him before or after that.  He's listed as her grandson, but I don't know who he parents were.)

Who is he?


Friday, April 3, 2015

Once upon a time, I was organized

I've recently run into a major genealogy brickwall.

If I look at my notes, I'm lost.  Each of my lineages have stopped, including my Wickliffe tree.
I've started to create to-do list for myself because I feel like I'm looking for the same people in the same places.

What's step 2 in genealogy research?

I've started to repeat this question over & over.  So I search.......
I've went back through youtube videos & websites & I've come up with a few ideas........