Saturday, September 19, 2015

I found Robert Wickliffe's first wife

Robert Wickliffe was my grandfather's first cousin, possibly one of his favorite cousins' since he was a witness at my grandparents wedding. 

Robert was Andy Wickliffe's son & up until recently, I'd only found 2 wives for him.

I'd found 2 marriage index for him from Kentucky.

 The first index, the marriage he had with Lillian McGee, stated that his previous marriage ended in divorce & this marriage was in March 16, 1977.

On the second index, the marriage he had with Trudie Mae Sanders in November 24, 1987, it states that it was the second marriage for them both & that both previous marriages had ended in death.  

Now, I know that before Trudie & Lillian, he married Frances Browder in 1946.  

On the one of my favorite genealogy websites for Muhlenberg County Kentucky

 I found this :

 Black Marriages Index, 1866-1960

Grooms: W


Year     Groom                            Bride                                 Book/Page
1946   Wickliffe, Robert             Browder, Frances Louise         93/20

Friday, September 18, 2015

What's the relationship?

I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out the relationship the Wickliffe/Bodine family has to the Carbon(Carbin) family & I've yet to come up with anything.  So I thought that the best thing for me to do is to blog about it.

 Earlier this year, I posted a Monday mystery about the Wickliffe-Carbon/Carbin family connection, 
Since then, I haven't made much progress.  

So what is the connection?

No, I haven't been searching for the Carbon-Wickliffe connection for 6 straight months, actually, it's much longer.  However, I have found a few clues that tell me that there must be some relation.
Here is a few examples:

This is a cropped download of the 1880 United States Federal Census for
South Carrollton, Muhlenberg, Kentucky

Charles Bodine is a name I've seen a few times, but this record states that his father was Joseph Bodine.

Is this the same Joseph Bodine-my 3 times great grandfather?

This record is also from 1880 & the reason I can't shake the feeling that there must be some relation.

Just being neighbors, doesn't make them family, but the fact that Carbons live so close to my 3 times great grandmother is not just by chance.  

 This is the only record I can find that gives me hope I will one day find the answer.

Blanche, the 9 year old in this record, married a Wickliffe.  Charles Wickliffe-son of my 3 times great grandfather, Alney Wickliffe.
I have no other records that connect our families.

Help me out Wickliffe family.

How are we related to the Carbons/Carbins?