Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The murder of Evan S. Warren...by a Wickliffe

I'm still unsure of our relationship, but I recently posted about an interesting story I found about the other Harrison Wickliffe.  I found the story so inspiring & I couldn't wait to find a reason to repost.

Since then, I've been researching his family to see if I could find any ties to our families.  That's when I came across the story of his son, Beatty/Beattie-accused of murdering a man named Evan S. Warren.

Pittsburg dispatch., July 24, 1889, Image 1

I've found several articles in various papers, including the Indianapolis star that mention the story, but none tell what happened in the end.

Apprarently Beatty & Evan had a "showdown" on a railway platform.  One paper stated it was from an earlier altercation where Beatty threatened to "get him" soon.
Both men were armed & both shot & hit the other. Beatty took off running, but later returned, shot & killed Mr. Warren. 
As the above story indicates, Bob Mayho & Flem Murphy held Evan Warren.  This is where the stories differ.  Warren claimed he was unsure if Mayho & Murphy were helping Beatty or trying to keep the peace.  (I haven't found any record that they were ever charged.)

I have no idea what happened in the end, but I do know that the trial needed a special venue for some reason.
Semi-weekly interior journal., February 25, 1890, Image 3

This story got really interesting when I started to research Evan Warren.  

He was also involved in a slander case.  Sounds boring, but check out the rest of this story......

Semi-weekly interior journal

May 04, 1883, Image 2

This case ended with him apparentely being able to prove he was NOT lawfully married to Luellen Smith.  (See the article on the right of the main one.)

I'm unsure of what happened to Beatty after the trial.  I can't even find any death records for him.  

Does anyone know anything else about Beatty or his family?