Monday, April 27, 2015

Obsessed with finding the oldest Wickliffe

Finding out which one of my relatives lived the longest is my new obsession.  

(If you've missed my recent post, check out either my post on Grandma Lou or my post on Lily B Collins.)

Eureka!  I found another Wickliffe who lived until she was over a 110 years old!

This article was found in the Burlington weekly free press.
December 18, 1885, Page 11, Image 11
How cool would it have been to hand President George Washington a cup of water!
I'm not sure whether or not she & I are related, but I found the fact that she lived so many years interesting in itself.

I found a few articles in various publications about her death, but very few undeniable records for Charlotte.  I think I found her in the 1880 census, living with her husband Ben in Bardstown, (Nelson county) Kentucky.

The other was a record for Evergreen cemetery.  It list her as an occupant & stated that her address was 725 Oak St, Ludlow, KY.  However, I'm not sure if this is her or not.

Does anyone know if we are related to Ben Wickliffe?