Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Mystery: Wickliffe family reunion

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my family reunion (my dad's side).

 It got me to thinking.....why have I never attended a Wickliffe family reunion?

I don't remember my mother ever telling me that we have ever had one.  Have we?

Am I the only one interested in getting together?  

Family gatherings are not a normal way of life for us, but why not?  The main reason I started this blog was to get to know my family.  Why not get to know the family that we still have left?  I've never met most of my Wickliffe side, why not now or soon?

I think that if I worked on it (& had some help), I could make it happen.  Why not?  

My only issue is that I don't know where to start.  How do you organize a reunion for family you barely even know or don't know at all?