Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whatever happened to Arthlow Wickliffe?

Arthlow was the last child born to my great, great grandparents.
Appearing in only one record, I'm not sure what happens to him.
1900-3 years old, born July 1896 (would have turned 4 the following month)
Doesn't live with his parents 10 years later?????? He would have only been 13/14.
°No other census mentions him. 
    °Wrong spelling of his name???????
°No death record?????

Kissing cousins

How are my grandparents related?  There are Wickliffe on both sides of my mother's parents.
My grandfather was born a Wickliffe. 
My great grandmother's maiden name was Wickliffe.

Robert Wickliffe's Will

Muhlenberg Co. Ky. p.137-138 Will book 2 (1820) I Robert Wickliff Sr. of Muhlenberg County and state of Kentucky do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say, I give to my daughter ELIZABETH JACKSON Two negroes namely ELI and CELIA also four hundred acres of land lying on Green river also two half ace lotts in the town of Lewisberg two out lots containing Two acres each and there future Increase for ever. Secondly I give to my daughter MARGARET CUNDIFF four hundred acres of land lying on Plum Creek also one negro woman named WINNY and her three? children and their future increase forever- thirdly I give to my Daughter Jane Bodine Thre negros namely FRANK< CHARITY and her child JOSEPH and their future increase forever-
This passage comes out of Robert Wickliffe's Will. This may be the same Joseph Bodine that fathered my great, great grandfather Yost Wickliffe.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muhlenberg, KY

Mont Vanmeter's death

Mont was my Great grandfather's first wife.
The story is that she died of insanity after allegedly hearing her husband & brother had been killed in a mining accident. 
William Render, the husband of Daisy Wickliffe (My great grandfather's sister) was killed.  The death certificate stated he was hit in the head with a slate.
However, if Mont died of insanity, why does her death certificate state she died of exhaustion due to cerebral meningitis?
Also, she was not admitted to the hospital until November 9th.  She would have surely found out her husband was still alive a full 2 weeks later.
The story may or may not be true, however the truth is, upon her death, my Great grandfather met & married my Great grandmother Probie.

Coal Mining accident

Coal-Mine Fatalities in the United States, 1870-1914: with Statistics of Coal Production, Labor, and Mining Methods, by States and Calendar Years

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome to our blog

I wanted to find a way to organize the info I find on my grandfather's side of the family.  
Since I'm still a semi amateur in genealogy research, I look forward to find out new/correct info on my family. 
Hopefully I can make a friend or meet some new members of this side of my family.