Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year's Wickliffe family!

Happy New Year's Wickliffe family!

Our family blog is growing each year & this year, my resolution is to get more of our family involved in telling our history.  I will try to reach out more to you & hopefully you will as well.

Last year was full of first!
I love doing this post every year.  Looking back on my post from the previous year makes me creative & I'm always amazed by how many people have seen our family's blog.

So drum roll please........Here are last year's greatest hits:

1. Solving my biggest problem with genealogy research: I'm not sure if it was the hilarious photo or the info in this post, but I was so excited to get over 200 views on a post, I didn't care.  The post views were one thing, but I actually got a comment.  I'm so proud of this post!
2. The murder of Evan S. a Wickliffe: Blogging about a murder in the family must have been what made this post so popular (found this out in 2014).  I'm still trying to find the connection between the 2 Harrison Wickliffes.
3. Obsessed with finding the oldest Wickliffe: Charlotte Wickliffe is still on my to-do-list.  Among other distant Wickliffe relatives.
4. I found a relative who lived until she was 104!  Lily B. Collins: This post started me on the road that lead me to the previous post.  I can't stop.  Finding out how long some of my ancestors lived amazes me.  Especially when I consider the conditions they lived under.
5. The second time is the charm: Aunt Pal & Uncle Eddie's wedding anniversary article: I still feel like a kid on Christmas when I find an article in the Indianapolis Recorder Archives, but this article really touched my heart.  Finding this article about their 40th wedding anniversary was truly the highlight of my year.
6. What's the relationship: I'm sure that there is a connection between the Wickliffe-Carbon-Bodine families, but all I keep coming up with are dead ends.  This is one of my biggest brickwalls at the moment.
7. Were my grandparents cousins: This is the story I'd heard pretty much all my life, but have yet to be able to prove. (I hope this brickwall comes down this year.)
8.  Wickliffe descendants, I NEED YOUR HELP:  So far, my call for help has gone unnoticed, but I'm not giving up.   What I've noticed is that even though a post maybe old to me, someone out there is seeing this post for the first time & will click on that link & may be able to help me.
9. I found Robert Wickliffe's first wife:  This is one of my most recent finds & the first wall I've broken down in a long time (it seems like).  This side of the Wickliffe family has been where I have gotten the farthest.  So I'm glad to have found a missing link in his line.
10. Familysearch vs. you get what you pay for: This comparison of my favorite genealogy sites, may not have gotten that many views, but it definitely sparked a lot of conversation.  Do you get what you pay for with sites like ancestry?  My answer was yes, but I still used familysearch just as much as I do Ancestry.

Please keep following our family blog & let me know what you think.