Friday, September 18, 2015

What's the relationship?

I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out the relationship the Wickliffe/Bodine family has to the Carbon(Carbin) family & I've yet to come up with anything.  So I thought that the best thing for me to do is to blog about it.

 Earlier this year, I posted a Monday mystery about the Wickliffe-Carbon/Carbin family connection, 
Since then, I haven't made much progress.  

So what is the connection?

No, I haven't been searching for the Carbon-Wickliffe connection for 6 straight months, actually, it's much longer.  However, I have found a few clues that tell me that there must be some relation.
Here is a few examples:

This is a cropped download of the 1880 United States Federal Census for
South Carrollton, Muhlenberg, Kentucky

Charles Bodine is a name I've seen a few times, but this record states that his father was Joseph Bodine.

Is this the same Joseph Bodine-my 3 times great grandfather?

This record is also from 1880 & the reason I can't shake the feeling that there must be some relation.

Just being neighbors, doesn't make them family, but the fact that Carbons live so close to my 3 times great grandmother is not just by chance.  

 This is the only record I can find that gives me hope I will one day find the answer.

Blanche, the 9 year old in this record, married a Wickliffe.  Charles Wickliffe-son of my 3 times great grandfather, Alney Wickliffe.
I have no other records that connect our families.

Help me out Wickliffe family.

How are we related to the Carbons/Carbins?