Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday mystery: Are the Wickliffe & Carbon/Carbin families related?

I see the last name Carbon all over the place as I'm researching my family tree.

I first noticed it on a death record of one of my ancestors.  I thought it was strange that the name Ed Carbon was the informant, eventhough this individual had living children.

I then noticed the name Edward Carbon again on the 1880 census.
He lived right next door to my 2 & 3 times great grandmothers, Nancy & Emma Gatton.  
This same record also has a Joseph & Emily Bodine.  

This got me to thinking.......

Are these families related?

I've only been able to find one set of Wickliffe-Carbon marriages.  Blanche Carbon married Charles Wickliffe in 1911.  However, this is the only connection that I've been able to make.  

Does anyone know what other connections our families may have?