Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday's child: Baby Jacob Render died of malnutrition

On January 15,  the very first Super Bowl was played against the Packers & the Chiefs, the Ford automotive foundation was formed, the television shows Hill Street Blues & Santa Barbara began,  Martin Luther King Jr was born & so was my cousin Jacob Render.  
Jacob was my second cousin, twice removed.  He was the first of 3 children born to my cousins John & Mabel (Wickliffe) Render.

Jacob only lived 3 short weeks & died at his home of malnutrition.  

What caused him to be malnourished?

Malnutrition is still very common in third world countries, but not here in the US, right?  
According to the CDC, 30% of babies died before their first year in the early 1900's.  It may of been due to the poor living conditions of many who lived in the near south.  

This death record posed a few questions for me.  First of all, how can a 3 week old die of malnutrition?  It doesn't state on the record that he had any other diseases that would have contributed to the malnutrition.  Baby formula wasn't what it is today, but isn't this day & age that most mothers breastfeed or used "wet nurses"? 

Another question I had about this record was who is Jack Wickliffe-the informant?  I don't have a Jack Wickliffe in my tree, nor can I find one in a search.  
It could stand for Jackson or Jacob, but how do I find out for sure?