Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's child: Carl Crowe

Carl was Aunt Pal's
(Audrey Palestine Wickliffe Timberlake) only child.

Ishmail (my grandfather/his maternal uncle's middle name) Crowe was his birth name, but we knew him as Carl.
I've also seen the name I. Carl Grossin on records .  (I'm not sure where the Grossin surname came from, because his father was Hiawath Crowe, not Grossin.)

My aunt Pal married Hiawath two months after she turned 18 & Carl was born a year later.  He would be my aunt's only biological child.

I think that Carl married at least 3 times, but only one of those marriages produced children.  I only remember meeting his daughters (he had 2) once as a child, but I knew his grand daughters.  My mother told me that aunt Pal practically raised his daughters & his grand daughters.  His youngest grand daughter & I were close in my early teen years.  She was already out of high school my first year & I was in awe of everything that she did.  She was the big sister I never had.

I don't know a lot about his life, but I know he must have entered the military at some point.

Anyone know anymore info on him?