Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's child: Earnest Moppins

My great uncle Bethel called Earnest/Ernest his cousin.  I'm still not sure how, but I've recently starting searching for other Moppins that came from Muhlenberg.

Here's what I think I know about Earnest:

1. Earnest is a Gatton.  His grandmother was Kitty Gatton. His mother was Nancy Gatton.  (not my three times great grandmother's mother, but another Nancy/Nanny Gatton.

2. I think that (Alexander) Roy Moppins was his father.  Nanny & he were married in 1910 & appear together in that same year's census record.  

3. I think he may have been the 2 of 4 children born to Nancy/Nannie Moppins.

What I find interesting about this census record, (1920-Central City, KY) my three times great grandparents (James & Lou) lived just 6 houses from them.

10 years later, Earnest is still living with his parents in Central City.

Unfortunately, this is the last record that I am able to find with (Alexander) Roy Moppins.

I can only find a death index & US directories for Earnest after 1930.  
I don't think that he moved out of Kentucky, because his death index states he died in Jefferson, Kentucky.

Does anyone know how the Wickliffe family is related to the Moppins?  
I assume that the Gatton family is our connection, but I'm just not sure.