Monday, August 18, 2014

Who was Joe/Joseph Bodine?

One of my first blog post introduced the Robert Wickliffe's will
It was this post that I first mentioned my three times great grandfather,  Joe/Joseph Bodine.

Since then, I have made little to no progress in figuring out who he was.  

The only document I can find him in does not give me much information at all.

Why is it so difficult to find records for him?

It's always been a mystery to me that our family name was Wickliffe, even though my ancestor was a Bodine.  

I've been told by a family member, that Joe was a wedding gift to Jane & Jacob Bodine from her father-Robert Wickliffe.  (Which is why we have the last name Wickliffe & not Bodine.)

However, I've also found documentation that says a slave child named Joe was left to Jane in her father's will.  (see first link above)

I'm not sure where to go from here.

He must have either left Kentucky, or there is no further documentation on-line about his life.  

Did he marry someone eventually? 

Is there a death certificate for him?  I only ask because I'm almost positive he was a slave & I know that slave deaths were not always documented.   

I often wonder if contacting someone from the Robert Wickliffe family would help.

ANY ADVICE?????????