Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gone, but not forgotten: Happy birthday great, great grandmother Lou

Image result for happy birthday144 years ago today, my great-great mother Lou was born.  

She lived for over 100 years & at this point in my genealogy research, she lived longer than any other Wickliffe.

Although she is my mother's great grandmother, she refers to her as Grandma Lou.

Lou was born Louisa Williams.  
I'm not exactly sure when, but she was eventually adopted by the Dodd family.  
Henry & Mollie Dodd lived in Paducah, Kentucky, but would eventually move to & die in Louisville, Kentucky.  They would have 3 other biological children (or at least 3 other children lived in the home & shared their last name.

I've posted about finding her marriage record in a post called "my great, great grandmother Lou."  (It's a find I'm still extremely proud of.)  
My mom has told me about their farm in Central City.  It was on this farm, that she raised her 9 children & lived a long life.  In 1940, the farm was worth $200.  Today, the farm would be worth around $3300.

I don't know a lot of information about her childhood, other than she was adopted.  I can't find any info on her prior to 1880.  (Which makes sense if she really was born in 1871.)
I'm not sure if it was a happy marriage, but she was married to my two times great grandfather James 49 years & they did have all of those kids so......

I've had fun learning about her & look forward to finding out if I can find her biological parents or why she was given up for adoption.  
I also want to find out why she lived with James Walker Wickliffe in 1940.  (Saw him in the census, but never saw him before or after that.  He's listed as her grandson, but I don't know who he parents were.)

Who is he?