Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The other Harrison Wickliffe

Harrison Wickliffe

That's what my Ancestry.com family tree says.  
I have no idea what relationship I have to this Harrison Wickliffe, but his story really interested me.

I first found him in the 1850 census, living with the Young family.

John C. Young & his wife Caroline lived in Boyle County, Kentucky, in Danville.  Mr. Young was the President of Centre College in the early to mid 1800's.
I found an article written by Lauren Garrett called Neither Northern or Southern that stated that he owned slaves, including a janitor, Harrison Wickliffe.

Harrison was first believed to be owned by state representative (at the time) Charles A Wickliffe-which is how he ended up with the surname.  

It took me awhile to find info on whether or not John Young freed him, but not only did he free Harrison, but he was also instrumental in 2 other slaves ( a female & her son) being returned to Africa (Liberia) after they were freed.  Unfortunately, they died shortly after they're arrival from cholera.

Harrison, like many other slaves, continued to work for his slave owner for another 25 plus years.  Then, he ran his own house painting business for a number of years.  

After the death of his wife Casina in 1893, he moved with his son to Chicago.  He died 12 years later.