Monday, December 15, 2014

My brickwalls: breaking down the mysteries

Why do people call it brick walls when it really feels more like a mountain?

Recently, I re-watched a Youtube video with one of my favorite people, Crista Cowan of   

In this video, she discussed the famous brickwall.  Before I started searching my tree, I had never heard the term used the way she does, but the further along I got in the video, the more I asked myself "What do I know versus what do I think?"  She made me question most of my tree or at least question whether I'm on the right road.  

How do you know if you're right?

My Wickliffe family brickwalls are something that I've blogged about before.
1. Yost's mother:  I don't know if I'll ever begin to break this wall down until I figure out if he even knew who his mother was.  I want to look for any record filled out or had filled out for him that stated his mother's name.  I also thought of looking for info on his brother Joseph Wickliffe to see if his mother was on any of his records.  
2. Emmas' father: I have yet to find out who her father was or who Nancy Gatton (her mother) married after Emma married Yost.  (I'm pretty sure that she marries (again possibly) or dies.)
3. Lou Wickliffe's birth parents:  This was the wall I feel that I have knocked down since I started blogging, but I don't think my journey is complete yet.  I know who adopted my two times great grandmother, but I don't know who her real parents were or if she even knew.

I could have gone on for days about the stuff I don't know, but these three are at the top of my list.  

Going back generations in my family has been a ton of work.  A daily process when I can, but I think that I am slowly creeping up on the info I'm looking for.  

I think that its time that I made my first road trip to find out what info is available in Kentucky.  I may not be lucky enough to find a birth/death certificate, but maybe I might find some other record that I didn't have before.

Am I on the right track?