Monday, May 5, 2014

Who was his mother?

In honor of my tribute to Mother's day, this week's Monday mystery is one of my biggest mysteries......Who was the mother of Yost Wickliffe?

Joe Bodine was his father (according to death records), but no other records,(that I have found)mention his mother.

My great, great grandfather was most likely a slave. The 1870 census list him as a farm hand on the Aaron Wickliffe farm.  The 1860 census list a 6 year old male living on that same farm.  (I assume the age may be an error.  He would have been at least 8.)
If both of them are him, he was most definitely a slave in the 1860's.

Was his mother a slave too?

Back then (1860's) black marriages were not all documented.  It is possible she married Joe, but there is written records.
It's also possible that his mother was sold shortly after he was born. 

It was not a custom to separate the mother from a newborn, but if that is my great, great grandfather in the 1860 census, he could have been sold to the Wickliffe family around 6 or 8.  

He may never have really known his mother.  

Where do you think I need to start looking for his mother first?