Saturday, May 3, 2014

1922: year of the Common Era & tragedy for the Wickliffe family

1922 was a year of extreme ups & downs.

In 1922, a stamp cost $0.02.  The New York Giants won the World Series.

The first radio was delivered to the White house & hundreds of radio stations debuted all over the country.

A horse named Morvich won the Kentucky Derby.

Miss America was Mary Katherine Campbell of Columbus, OH.

This was also the year my three times great grandfather Alney Wickliffe passed away at age 96 of cancer.

What makes this story even more tragic, just three short months later my great, great grandparents had to bury their son George.  

George, the second son born to my two times great grandparents, never married.  However, the story is that he was shot by a woman in the stomach.
I don't know who exactly shot him, but at age 30, he was shot & died a day later.