Thursday, May 15, 2014

Daveiss became Daviess

A town by any other name, may have been spelled correctly from the start, but not Daviess county.

When the town was established in 1815, it was suppose to be named after  Major Joseph Hamilton Daveiss.  However, when the paperwork was filed, the name was inadvertently misspelled. 

 Joseph Daveiss was a US district attorney of Kentucky & the first Western United States attorney to argue a case before the Supreme Court.  

He was also the attorney who prosecuted Aaron Burr-Vice president under Thomas Jefferson.  
Daveiss work must have been tremendous, because he has 4 counties & 1 town named after him.  

Coal Mining & distilleries put Daviess on the map

Dating back as far as 1880, distilleries have helped in establishing this county. 

Daviess county is the last Kentucky county before entering Indiana.

My great grandmother Probie & her family lived in Daviess county, which is why I wanted to focus on this county.