Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy mother's day mom

The mother I strive to be isn't even half the mother that I have.  

My mother is awesome!

She raised 5 children by herself & never once complained.  I never heard my mother say she was too tired or sick.  She never complains. She doesn't even know how to be negative or confrontational.  

If you asked me to describe my mom in 3 words, I would have to say:
  1. Love-my mother taught me what that really means. 
  2. Motivation-anytime I want to give up I think of all my mom has been through & she still is able to smile & push on.  
  3. Versatile-my mom can do anything & I do mean ANYTHING.  All the mom stuff that you read & hear about, she can do it with ease.  
My mother has 5 children, but if you ask around, everyone loves my mom.  She picks up a kid a year.  Every time I look around, someone else is calling her mom.  That's because she cares about everybody so much, it's contagious. 

Thanks Mommy!  

For everything that you do!