Thursday, May 8, 2014

My aunts-my other mothers

I want to give tribute to the women who helped raise me who weren't my mother-my aunts.

Debbie, Lucille & Cecile all helped me to become who I am.  Each one have been instrumental in making me the mother I am.

My mom has told me multiple times how much I remind her of my aunt Debbie.  She taught me how to give.  She took me & my mother in when I was born & against my mother's wishes, called my father to tell him I was born. 

My aunt Cecile taught me how to laugh.  I love her sense of humor.  Just hearing her laugh cracks me up.  I've never seen her depressed or sad.  Even when I've seen her mad, she's still one of the happiest people I know.  She was & still is the life of the party.
My aunt Lucille taught me the most important lesson, she taught me about GOD.  She was the first person I can remember to take me to church & make me listen.  She took me to my grandparents church once & I remember feeling like I was home.  Like I'd been there a hundred times before, but I hadn't.  I remember watching her caught the holy ghost & it scared me to death, but I understood somehow.  
She was also the first of my family members to introduce me to the medical profession.  

I'm lucky to have grown up around such strong women.  They all taught me that I didn't need to depend on a man to survive & that even if GOD throws you a curve ball in life, that doesn't mean you have to grin & bear it.  They ALL taught me to never give in/up, fight & win.  (That's the reason I'm so awesome!)

Happy mother's day-to the best aunts in the world!