Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday's child: Florine (Flarine) Deloris Wickliffe

I'm still searching for our connection, but today's Wednesday's child is Florine Wickliffe.

The spelling of her first name was the first question I had about Florine.  I can't tell from the record if it's Florine or Flarine.  (Can anyone else tell the difference?)

I know that she was the last daughter born to Henry & Fannie Wickliffe.  They would have one son after her, but she was the last girl.  

She died just 6 months after her birth due to nephritis (inflammation of the kidney) due to gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach & intestines).

According to this record, she was only diagnosed a month before her death.

I had no idea how common kidney failure was & still is today, it is the 8th leading cause of death.

Can anyone help me figure out how Florine & I  are related?