Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who were the other children?

My three times great grandparents, Alney & Laura Wickliffe had 6 children, but only 5 were living in 1900.

My two times great grandfather, James, was the oldest-born in 1863.  5 years later, my great, great aunt Dinah was born.  Charles, the youngest wasn't born until 1886.  

The only other child I can find affiliated with them, was a son born in July of 1876.  He died within 2 days of his birth & the death certificate does not state why.  

I can't find birth or death records for any other children.  

Who was the other child?

I assume he/she would have been born before Charles/1886. (The 1900 census does not mention any other children other than Charles, but that's where I found the info that they had 6 children, 5 living.)

Unfortunately, the 1880 census is torn & I can't make out any other names other than the one's I am already aware of.

I wonder if there is another 1880 census or tax record that I could look at that may tell me more?????????