Friday, April 4, 2014

Aunt Pal

It wasn't until I started researching my family tree that I found out her real name was Audrey.

The only member of my mother's family that I knew going up (besides her siblings), was Aunt Pal.

When I was 15, we moved across the street from Aunt Pal & Uncle Eddie.  

She was the first person to show me a picture of my grandmother.  (It's a picture of Grandma holding Uncle Lonnie.  I remember ever detail about that picture.  I also remember thinking how white my Grandmother looked.)  

She had birds in a cage in her family room & I loved going over to poke at the cage.

She also still had Barbie's so as a little kid, going to her house was cool.  
She once let me borrow the book Gone with the wind.  
When she gave it to me, she told me that it had been in our family for years & not to lose it. 
(Of course, at 16, I lost it.)

Hiawathe Crowe, her first husband, another surprise to me.  

Uncle Eddie is the only uncle I've ever known about, but my mother told me he was not Carl's (her son) dad.Hiawathe & Aunt Pal married on August 29, 1934.  I'm really not sure when they divorced, but he is back living his mother in the 1940 census. Also, she & Uncle Eddie were married April fool's day in 1947.

Speaking of the 1940 census, I wonder where I can Aunt Pal?  

I found Carl with my great grandparents in Muhlenberg, but she isn't mentioned.I can't find her in Indianapolis until 1947 when she married Uncle Eddie.