Thursday, April 3, 2014

The other Harrison Wickliffe

Since I started tracing my family tree, I've run into the duplicate name issue.

Of course, my great grandfather was my first experience with this.

Harrison Wickliffe was a popular name in Kentucky in the 1800's.  I've found 3:
  • The oldest was born around 1815 in Danville, KY (in the heart of Kentucky).  He married Casina Wickliffe & they had 3 sons (Rowan, Joseph & Beatty) and a daughter (Florence).
  • Rowan, (a teacher I recently found out through census record), married Sarah Alice Wickliffe & their first son was named Harrison.
  • My great grandfather didn't name his first son (my grandfather) after himself.  
    • He must have been named after his grandfather/my great grandmother Probia's father Alfred Collins.
I've have to be careful saving records because of the names of course, but the similar locations & birthdays.