Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Probie Wickliffe-Who was her real father?

How is the father?

Great grandma Probie had 6 sisters that I know of, but are they all father by my Great great grandfather Alfred?
It has been said that Eddie Howard is my Great grandmother's real father & that she was not told until late into her teens.  Her father (Alfred) had a mule that he would ride into "town" & would not return for several days.  
Is this when she was conceived? There are multiple reasons why I don't find this to be true:

  • She does resemble my great great grand father Alfred.
  • Alfred had a sister named Probia.
  • All of the have his last name, but if he & Cordelia were married (which they were in 1888) then they would.

Does anyone know who else is in this picture besides Great Grandma Probie & her mother Cordelia?