Friday, March 14, 2014

Allen, Alney or Alvey

How many ways can you spell Allen?
Allen, Alvey or Alney..... I'm not sure how he spelled it, but I am his descendant.
Born in either 1826 or 1842, Allen was my three times great grandfather.  He is the start of the other side of my Wickliffe lineage.
He had 6 children, who was the last?
According to the 1900 census, my three times great grandparents had 6 children, 5 living.
I know James, Diner/Dinah & Charles are 3 of the 6.
I found 2 death records, naming them as parents.
One for Laura Wickliffe, born in 1876. That makes 4.
The other for a male child, born in 1877. That makes 5.
Who was the last?