Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pond creek

My interest in Pond creek came about when I read this part of Robert Wickliffe's will:

  Fifthly I give to my two sons AARON WICKLIFFE and CHARLES A. WICKLIFFE all my lands which I purchased of Moses Wickliff and THOMAS WARTIS lyng on pond Creek containing six hundred and forty three acres to be equally divided between them in quantity and quality, I also give to my son Aaron Wickliffe three Negroes namely RICHARD, SHADRACK, and JACK and my new set of Blacksmith tools and their future profits for ever- I also give my son Charles A. Wickliffe three Negroes namely CHARLES, ISABEL and GILBERT together with all the money that lyes by me with all bonds notes and acpt. and there future increase for ever.

I know the my great, great Grandfather Yost worked for Aaron Wickliffe in his early teens.  That fact was proven in a 1860 census.
I also think that (as I stated in a previous post) Joe Bodine may have been a slave, owned by Jane Wickliffe Bodine.