Sunday, July 27, 2014

Surname Sundays: The Harrisons

How do you have a blog about the Wickliffe family without talking about the other families that were involved?

This is the question I ask myself every week when I try to think of post for this blog, I find that a lot of went on, specifically with the Wickliffe family, involved other families that I may have never blogged about.  

Which is why I want to start a new tag this week: Surname Sundays!

Surname Sundays features another family line that intertwined with mine.  

This week, I want to start from the beginning:        

The Harrison family.  

 This is a copy of the 1930 census from Muhlenberg county, Kentucky where my grandparents grew up.

Just 5 houses separated them, but so did 13 years!  

I know it is a little difficult to see, but the Harrisons, like the Wickliffes, owned the farm they lived in (worth about $800-roughly $11, 000 today).  

My great grandparents had two children at the time of this census.  One you are able to see, my grandmother, who was only 2 & one who you can't see because he appears on the next page of the census,my great uncle James Henry Harrison, who was only 3 months old.  

10  years later, in the 1940 census, 2 new families separated my grandparents but they still lived in the same area and only 1 other black family lived in the area.
 Now the census record states they are only 10 years apart.
I wonder why their farmers depreciated in value so much over the years?????

The work I've been able to accomplish on this side of my tree is minimal at best.
Can anyone help?