Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jacob Wickliffe: Died a tragic death

Since I started researching my tree, I have found some pretty strange causes of death, but the death of Jacob Wickliffe was one that stood out from the rest.

I know very little about my two times great uncle. 

He was possibly the 4th child born to my great, great grandparents. However, that's about all that I do know for sure.  

I'm only able to find him in 1 census record for sure, the other records I've found him in, may or may not be him.

The only other records I've been able to find for him are a marriage & death record.

Indiana, Select Marriages, 1780-1992 about Jake Wickliffe

Name:Jake Wickliffe
Spouse:Mary Higgs
Child:Baxter Wickliffe

 If you are like I use to be, you can't see or understand what is handwritten here, so let me try to decipher as much as I can.
On a rainy spring day on March 25, 1913, Jacob fell in a pool of water & strangled to death in some weeds.  The cause of death was contributed by epilepsy, but the record does not state that actually did have a seizure.
I just assume that he had a seizure and unfortunately just happen to fall in a pool of water and weeds.
Since backyard swimming pools were not a common feature back then, I also have to assume it was a small pond or barrel used to collect water.

There are several things about this record that bother me though.  Hopefully a real genealogist will read this post & solve the mysteries, but until then, I'm on my own.

  1. This record states that his mother is unknown & his father's name was Josh Wickliffe (Who was Josh Wickliffe?)  Which makes since in a way, because his mother would have been dead for over 7 years, so it makes since the informant did not know any of her information.  Especially since the informant was not his wife.
  2. Why doesn't the record list his wife as the informant?  I have no clue when his wife, Mary died. ( I have yet to find death info on her.)  However, the record does indicate he was married not widowed.
  3. The informant listed is Pink Ross.  To my knowledge, this is not a relative so why is he listed?    I did a little research on Pink & ran into a few brick walls, but did find a Pink/Pickney Ross who lived in the same area at the same time as Jacob,  (As uncommon as I thought this name was though, it was actually pretty popular name back then.) & died in the same area just 6 years later.  
  4. Pink did have a grandson named William Wickliffe living with him in 1900,  (According to the census record.) but who's son is he?

This record is full of questions.

Any help?